29 April 2015

USyd mocks anti-Israel conspiracy theorists

Since University of Sydney Associate Professor Jake Lynch, and senior lecturer Dr Nicholas Riemer, led a disorderly and noisy disruption of a lecture by Colonel Richard Kemp on 11 March, and a subsequent inquiry by the University into the rucus, a petition defending Lynch, with the support of Lee Rhiannon, Melissa Parke and Mike Carlton, called on the university’s vice-chancellor, Michael Spence “not to allow [him]self to be made the agent of the Israel lobby’s persecution.”

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sydney, Dr Michael Spence, today released the below statement:
"In recent days the claim has been made that the allegations brought against staff, students, contractors and visitors to the University concerning their behaviour at the lecture given by Colonel Kemp on 11 March are politically motivated. This claim is simply risible.
"The concern for the University is whether the conduct of those people breached the University's Codes of Conduct.
"In fact, by sheer happenstance, people on each side of the debate concerning the merits of Colonel Kemp's lecture were included in the 13 against whom allegations have been made.
"The University is not interested in the political views of staff or students. It is very interested in upholding its Codes of Conduct."

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