17 April 2015

BDS = antisemitism

April 14, 2015

In response to a University of Sydney forum titled "Why Boycotting Israel isn’t Anti-Semitic" by The B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) has reiterated its strong criticism of the BDS movement as antiSemitic.

Dr. Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission, issued the following statement:
“No matter what this forum may claim, the global BDS movement is anti-Semitic, using a hateful double standard to demonise, delegitimize and to ultimately destroy Israel. Who would have thought that more than 80 years after the Nazi regime turned its pre-existing boycotting of Jewish-owned business into German national policy, that we would see the Jewish people targeted and defamed in such a sickening way. BDS activists can dress up their thinly-disguised anti-Jewish campaign as a pro-peace initiative, but the truth is that they have insidiously declared a vicious war against Israel— denying Israel’s fundamental right to exist and rejecting the two state solution in favour of one state solution, deliberately ignoring the most brutal behaviour of major human rights abusers in the world while shamefully singling out Israel, and refusing to engage in any meaningful dialogue regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict...”. 

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