07 May 2013

University of Sydney Vice Chancellor denounces Israel boycott

From a Facebook statement denouncing Jake Lynch's and the Student Representative Council’s anti-Israel boycott resolution,  by University of Sydney Vice Chancellor Prof. Michael Spence (The Vice Chancellor’s statement has over 65,000 ‘likes’ and the students’ posted comments overwhelmingly support him):

We've received lots of comments and questions about the Student Representative Council's motion to support the boycott of Israeli University Technion.

The University of Sydney does not support the SRC motion nor the proposal originally put by Associate Professor Jake Lynch.

The Vice Chancellor has said: “I do not consider it appropriate for the University to boycott academic institutions in a country with which Australia has diplomatic relations. Should the Australian Government suspend diplomatic relations with Israel or request the University to suspend its institutional relationships with Israeli universities then the question should be revisited.”
The Vice-Chancellor’s position has not changed and has been endorsed by the University’s Senate.

The University of Sydney does not consider the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions policy appropriate and it is not University of Sydney policy.

Professor Jake Lynch is entitled to his personal opinion but on this issue does not speak for the School, Faculty or University...