09 May 2013

UK National Union of Students vote against BDS

From the Union of Jewish Students (UJS)* (UK), 9 May 2013:      
Today, a motion calling for the National Union of Students (NUS) to join the international Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) Campaign was voted down by the National Executive Council (NEC).
The voting record showed: 5 in favour, 15 against, 3 abstentions
The failure of this motion to pass reinforces the lack of support for the BDS within the student movement.
Additionally, a petition circulated by UJS, gaining over 200 delegate signatories throughout the conference showed that an overwhelming number of students agree that boycotting Israel is not a constructive path to peace. Today's vote is a positive step towards supporting a secure Israel and independent Palestine.
UJS Campaigns director Judith Flacks said that, 'Failing to pass this motion is a positive sign for Jewish students who put their faith in NUS to reject calls like this that only serve to delegitimise Israel and provide no prospect for peace.'
*UJS (Union of Jewish Students) is a voluntary membership organisation which represents 8500 Jewish students studying in the UK and Ireland.