12 May 2013

Hon Christopher Pyne MP signs London Declaration Combating Anti-Semitism

From the office of Christopher Pyne, Federal Member for Sturt; Shadow Minister for Education, Apprenticeships and Training; Manager of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives; 10 May 2013:

I’ve just signed the 2009 London Declaration Combating Anti-Semitism.
Recently the University of Sydney was plagued by anti-Israel activists promoting the Boycott Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel.
Activism, boycotts and sometimes sanctions campaigns aren’t always anti-Semitic, but when you target individual businesses because they are Jewish, it is clearly anti-Semitic.
And it is sad that 70 years after the Second World War and the discovery of the Holocaust, we are still having to defend the right of Jewish people to live in their Jewish homeland in Israel free from this kind of anti-Semitic campaign.
I am one of 125 parliamentarians across 40 countries that have now signed the London Declaration on Combating anti-Semitism and I would urge all parliamentarians to do so.
It is vitally important that Jewish Australians know that their parliamentarians won’t acquiesce to a campaign that is designed to break the relationships between Israelis and Palestinians, whether they are academic, business related or community related.
And so I would urge my fellow parliamentarians to join me in signing this declaration to express our solidarity with the Jewish people and to ensure that those people who are promoting the Boycotts and Divestments and Sanctions Campaign know that they won’t win.