19 May 2013

UK Students reject boycott (Uni of Sydney take note)

From The Jewish Chronicle Online (UK), 17 May 2013, by Marcus Dysch:

The National Union of Students has rejected a proposal to join the international boycott movement against Israel.
At a national executive meeting only five NUS officers voted in favour of an anti-Israel motion, with 15 against and three abstentions.
Union of Jewish Students campaigns director Judith Flacks said: “Failing to pass this motion is a positive sign for Jewish students who put their faith in NUS to reject calls like this.
“The policy would have served only to delegitimise Israel and provide no prospect for peace.”
UJS said it had circulated a petition at the conference signed by 200 delegates objecting to a boycott of Israel.
The motion, proposed by Sheffield University and Goldsmiths College, London, called on NUS to lobby governments and universities to terminate contracts with “companies that are complicit in the occupation of the Palestinian territories”.
It also sought to encourage links with Palestinian universities, to introduce a “right to return for all refugees” and to increase sanctions against Israel.