16 March 2016

Notre Dame lecturer Sandra Nasr investigated over anti-semitic article

From WAtoday, 11 December 2016, by Heather McNeill and Colin Cortbus:

[Notre Dame University, Fremantle Campus has conducted a formal investigation] after an article [that] one of its lecturers published, was heavily condemned as slanderous and racist.

Posted to The London School of Economics and Political Science website on December 3, Dr Sandra Nasr's article infers Palestinians living in Israel are treated as 'non-human' by Jewish people who subscribe to an ideology or superiority, separateness and entitlement.

Sandra Nasr is a lecturer at Notre Dame University in Fremantle.

The UK-based Jewish Community Security Trust has slammed the article, claiming it was false, offensive and "had no place" in the academic world.

"The post attacks Israel by employing grotesque racist slanders against Judaism," it said.
"The post even includes a link to a holocaust denial website called VHO and specifically to an article by Roger Garaudy, a holocaust denier who was convicted in France of denying the holocaust and fined £20,000."

The University of Notre Dame Australia, where Dr Nasr is a lecturer in Middle East and human rights politics at the Fremantle campus, said in a statement on Friday that it did not endorse comments made in the article.

"The opinions and comments expressed by Dr Sandra Nasr were not endorsed or sanctioned by the University and do not, in any way, represent the views of The University of Notre Dame Australia..." ...
"The University expresses its disappointment and apologises that comments causing such offence have been associated with it."
"Notre Dame is addressing this issue in accordance with its relevant processes and will not make any further comment until these have been duly followed."

The article has since been removed from The London School of Economics and Political Science's website.

Excerpts from ...[Sandra Nasr's] post:

"By framing 'the other' as non-human or less-human, the abhorrent practices of subjugation - including torture, collective punishment, extrajudicial assassination - are viewed, and presented, as legitimate and even necessary...The Israeli military frequently adopt the historical language of their own oppression, threatening to gas Palestinians until they die if they throw stones..." ... 

Dr Nasr is on leave from the university and was unable to be reached for comment.