21 October 2016

Senator Roberts, conspiracy theorist, "enjoyed close friendships with Jewish people"

From The Australian, 22 Oct 2016, by Robert Guilliatt:

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts has rejected calls from Jewish leaders that he repudiate the work of an anti-­Semitic ­author he has cited to support his claim that a “cabal” of inter­national bankers is trying to ­create a socialist global government.
The B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission and the Australia/Israel And Jewish ­Affairs Council have demanded Senator Roberts dissociate himself from the writings of ­Eustace Mullins, an American anti-Semite who claimed that inter­national banks and the US Federal Reserve were part of a Jewish conspiracy to introduce global socialism.
Senator Roberts has cited Mullins’s 1952 book The Secrets Of The Federal Reserve as a primary source for his claim that international banks are part of a “tight-knit secret group” using climate change to usher in a new world order. The senator wrote widely on the issue in his previous role as project ­director of the climate-sceptic group The Galileo Movement.
Senator Roberts ... said: “I object completely to the stupidity of trying to link me with anti-Semitism,’’ adding that he enjoyed close friendships with Jewish people and had a high regard for the Jewish community.
The chairman of B’nai B’rith, Dvir Abramovich, said he was disappointed that Senator Roberts was defending the work of Mullins, a virulent racist who had called Jews parasites, praised Hitler and described the Federal Reserve as “the high Jewish bank”.
Peter Wertheim, the executive director of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, said ...Senator Roberts['] ... beliefs about banks contained echoes of Jewish conspiracy theories from a century ago.