16 May 2016

Greens’ anti-Israel propaganda funded by taxpayers

From The Daily Telegraph, 15 May 2016:

THE Greens have used their taxpayer-funded allowances to print inflammatory anti-Israeli propaganda posters for organisers of a protest rally in what could constitute a breach of Department of Finance rules.

The Daily Telegraph has learned NSW Greens senator Lee Rhiannon used her Senate printing allowance to print and authorise posters to promote a pro-Palestinian rally in Sydney yesterday.
The material, which contains an endorsement by Senator Rhiannon and a disclosure that she had printed them on behalf of the Palestine Action Group, controversially called on the government to officially break ties with Israel.
Part of the crowd outside Sydney's Town Hall / Picture: Cameron Richardson
The anti-Israel posters which were displayed during a protest rally in Sydney on Sunday, May 15.
The poster also tries to compare Israel with the previous apartheid policies of South Africa.
Senator Rhiannon’s office ...admitted that the word “apartheid” was not consistent with Greens policy.

But Senator Rhiannon confirmed to The Daily Telegraph that she had personally printed the posters.

Senators are allowed $103,000 for taxpayer-funded printing and communications related to their parliamentary and electoral duties.

Senator Rhiannon said she had nothing to apologise for in using the word apartheid to describe Israeli policy, despite it contradicting the Greens’ official stance and being offensive to many people in the community.
...Under Department of ­Finance rules, the taxpayer entitlements are to be used only to “support their role as members of the Australian Parliament”.
Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon at the rally / Picture: Cameron Richardson