26 July 2015

New Israel Fund: wolf in sheep’s clothing

From Im Tirtzu, 23 July 2015 by Douglas Altabef, Executive Board Member:

The [recent] defences [in the AJN] of the [New Israel Fund] NIF by among others, their head in Australia, are disingenuous to say the least. The analogy that best fits the NIF is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.
While the NIF does in fact make humanitarian and public welfare donations, a highly disproportionate amount of their giving on a pro-rata basis is to NGOs that have an openly de-legitimizing agenda concerning Israel. These include BDS campaigns, and scurrilous charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes, none of which are designed to improve the status of anyone here, but rather to de-legitmize the State of Israel.
As to any readers who would burst with pride as to Israel’s having NGOs that would rake them over the coals for alleged violations, I would remind them of the wisdom that democracy is not a suicide pact.

Many of the NGOs that the NIF supports are themselves being investigated in Israel. There is a strong suspicion that many – Breaking the Silence, B’tselem, Adaklah, among the NIF darlings - are in effect foreign agents, seeking, in the guise of internal dissent, to destabilize the country.

This reality, and the activities of the NIF, are nothing to be proud of.