22 November 2014

Who has blood on their hands?

BDS campaigners in Perth proudly report that their recent "demonstration was visible and striking as protesters wore red gloves...."

Of course they were trying to malign Israel, as usual.

But the gesture, as usual, simply supported those who literally have blood on their hands.

Aziz Salha waving his bloody hands after the lynch of 2 IDF reservists in Ramallah in 2000

Read more: 2 Palestinians charged with involvement in 2000 Ramallah lynching of IDF reservists | The Times of Israel

The Australian armchair, first-world hippy-activists in the hysterical, hateful boycott-Israel campaign may think the're morally superior to most Australians. 

And they may get a smug satisfaction from their circus antics in the streets of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

But for Israel, this is a war of life and death, against implacable enemies who have violently tried to prevent Jews immigrating to their ancient homeland since the 1920s, and to destroy the Jewish homeland since its re-establishment in 1948.

The boycott rent-a-crowd claim that the "occupation" is the root of all evil. But Israel retains control of some territory it captured in several defensive wars only because it must, in order to defend itself. 

In pursuit of peace, Israel has returned over 90% of captured land, including the Sinai, South Lebanon and Gaza. 

In return, corrupt Arab despots have used that land to establish societies based on lies, incitement, hatred, terrorism and international aid, against the interests of their own people. 

The boycott campaign simply serves the interests of those despots and terrorists. It seeks to extract more and more unilateral concessions from Israel without expecting any peaceful reciprocating measures from her Arab neighbours. Its ultimate aim is to dismember Israel and destroy it.

Boycotters support terrorists. So who has blood on their hands.....??