09 July 2014

Israel under attack, launched defensive operation "Protective Edge"

From a Statement from the Embassy of Israel in Australia, 10th July, 2014: 

Since June 12th Israel has been under attack. Militants from Gaza have launched over 200 rockets across the border into Israel in a deliberate attempt by the Hamas terror organization to escalate violence.

...Our civilians have found themselves the victims of constant, indiscriminate and relentless attack. Yesterday, terrorists in Gaza launched a myriad of rockets toward Israel. Israeli families have been forced into shelters and schools closed. All normal daily activities have been impacted.

As an act of self-defense, Israel launched operation "Protective Edge," to counter these incessant attacks. The sole objective is to defend Israeli citizens and secure a life without constant threat.

In carrying out this operation, Israel will operate with the utmost care to avoid civilian casualties and collateral damage, thereby targeting Hamas and other terrorist organizations, their operatives and infrastructure.

Hamas’ deadly assault on the lives of individuals and the lives of innocent citizens must stop. Israel will defend itself and ensure the safety of all its citizens. Israeli citizens have the right to live safely and peace.