10 April 2014

Bob Carr: self-indulgent narcissist, bigot, "dilettante", "laughing stock", "wanker and a tosser"

From the ABC, 10 April 2014, by political reporter Latika Bourke:

Labor MPs are rounding on Bob Carr, accusing the former foreign minister of "narcissism", "immaturity", "self-indulgence", and even "bigotry" following the publication of his memoirs.
The former Labor senator has launched his book Diary of a Foreign Minister, which details his life as Australia's top diplomat between 2012 and 2013.
Mr Carr says his account is a glimpse into how public policy is formed and details text exchanges between him and the former prime minister Julia Gillard as well as a Cabinet discussion on granting Palestine observer status at the United Nations.
Mr Carr supported the vote but Ms Gillard opposed it. She was rolled by her Cabinet on the decision and it was used against her by Labor MPs agitating for the return of Kevin Rudd.
Mr Carr also details his complaints about having to fly business instead of first class, airline food, and, in one instance, the lack of English subtitles on a German opera being screened during a flight.
...Labor MP Anthony Byrne says Mr Carr's book is a symbol of the worst of the Rudd-Gillard era.
"If you ever wanted an example of the narcissism, self indulgence and immaturity that ran through the Labor party during its six years in government, Bob Carr is it..." ...
Victorian Labor MP Michael Danby says Mr Carr's comments claiming the pro-Israel lobby enjoyed a disproportionate influence on foreign policy through the former prime minister’s office are "bigoted".
"No lobby in Australia I understand has that kind of influence. It’s laughable," Mr Danby told AM.
"But I suppose in the current climate, as George Brandis says, it's okay to be a bigot."
...Labor MP David Feeney says it is "unfortunate" that Mr Carr has decided to publish his 500-page diary.
"I have a view that the memoirs of politicians can often be an indulgence and I think on this occasion it probably falls into that category," Mr Feeney told the ABC's Capital Hill.
"I think Cabinet documents should remain confidential. I think that's the protocol. Bob has said that in his view there is a public interest issue here, that's obviously a view that he holds. I suppose I don't share it."

Carr ungrateful to Labor Party

Ms Gillard chose Mr Carr to fill the Senate vacancy left by Mark Arbib when he retired from politics in 2012. 
Mr Danby says the memoirs are a poor way for the former New South Wales premier to repay the Labor Party.
"Here's a bloke plucked from obscurity who was not working as a current politician, a former provincial premier, who dumps on Gillard and the former Labor government," he said.
"The Labor Party supported him all of his political life. How about a bit of decency? It’s a bit of ingratitude in my view."
He says it was a mistake to recruit Mr Carr back into politics, but Mr Feeney says he does not think it was Ms Gillard's "biggest mistake".
"I certainly wouldn't say it was her biggest mistake, no," he said.
But he says Mr Carr entered the federal parliament with expectations.
"Bob Carr was a person who came into this parliament with enormous momentum and we were all very very optimistic about what he would bring to us," he said.
When asked if Mr Carr lived up to expectations during his time as foreign minister, Mr Feeney said there had been "disappointment in some quarters".
Mr Carr's complaints about flying business and his boast of having more energy than "16 gladiators" have prompted newspaper headlines calling him a "wanker and a tosser".
...Liberal MP Josh Frydenberg says Mr Carr is a "dilettante" who has become the "laughing stock" of the Labor Party and risks damaging Australia’s relationships abroad.