21 November 2013

Australian "Friend of Palestine" discovers the truth...

From YouTube, 14 Nov 2013:

Darly Johns, a kind-hearted woman from Australia, who identified completely with the "Palestinian" struggle, because of the way in which they are represented in the international media as victims of Israel, one day decided to do something and to volunteer to assist ...

What drove her to this was the sight of dead "Palestinian" children, with their corpses torn to shreds.

She arrived in "Palestine" fully convinced that these children die because Israel tortures them to death. However, when she arrived in Jenin, after a few days, she witnessed a horrifying incident in which a young boy blew himself up in a suicide bombing. After having met with the hard reality, she suddenly understood that many of these children die because they are sent to die.

She discovered that children aged 7 and 8 are enlisted into the war- the adults endanger their lives and sacrifice them, and this is the reason that they die. It is because children aged 7 or 8 are not seen as children- not one playground is built for them.

And the children? They want to be like the engineer who sent the shahids to their death. Do they not want peace?

They want the State of Israel to disappear.

The encounter with the truth shocked the woman to the core. At the end of the film clip, she says, "They don't want peace. They never had any intention other than to destroy Israel".