27 September 2013

Vinnie Molina, candidate for City of Vincent

Further to our earlier posting, here are a few facts about Vinnie Molina, candidate for City of Vincent council, that will provide some insights on his political views and his views on Isreal.

- member and activist of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA - YES IT STILL EXISTS - it generally works in association with the Socialist Alternative and Socialist Alliance. Their views and attitudes are similar.)

- former (and or current) National President of the CPA

- current organiser with the CFMEU (construction division)

- sought political asylum in Australia from Guatemala due to Communist Party actions against the military regime 

- has organised speakers at CFMEU Offices in the past to discuss 'war crimes' against Palestinians by The State of Israel.

 - some union leaders who know him personally have real concerns about his views not only on the BDS but his militant and extreme activism for Palestine as some sort of "class struggle" against Israel.