31 July 2013

Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce jointly support a seminar in Sydney

The Jerusalem Arbitration Center (JAC) held a seminar for members of Australia’s legal community hosted by Clayton Utz at its Sydney office on Tuesday 30 July.
The event was chaired by the Hon. James Spigelman AC QC and speakers included the President of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Israel, Major General (ret.) Oren Shachor and Head of Legal Team, ICC Palestine, Mazen E. Qupty. Alex Ryvchin, represented the Executive Council of Australian Jewry.

Go to this link to hear a radio report on the seminar  
The event was organised by Senior Associate, Adam Butt. The principal financial supporters were LEADR, the Pratt Foundation and Wainwright Ryan Eid Lawyers.
The event was jointly supported by the Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce. It is hoped that this will be the first of many events jointly supported by these bodies.
The JAC is an apolitical and impartial forum for the resolution of commercial disputes arising from Israeli-Palestinian business relations, and seeks to eliminate obstacles to further bilateral trade between Israelis and Palestinians. Significantly, it is a joint enterprise established by the Israeli and Palestinian divisions of the ICC and indicates the potential for constructive, meaningful co-operation between Israeli and Palestinian institutions.

Presently, bilateral trade between Israelis and Palestinians is in the region of nearly $5 billion per annum and the work of the JAC aims to create further opportunities for further economic engagement, prosperity and co-operation between Israelis and Palestinians.
Whilst political engagement between Israeli and Palestinian leaders is vital, it is economic co-operation that creates most of the opportunities for daily contact between ordinary Israelis and Palestinians. Such contact has the power to build greater mutual understanding, co-operation and friendship between Israelis and Palestinians. Ultimately, it is the people who must live together in peace, not just their leaders.